The kiss


In front of the sculpture “The Kiss” by Rodin I felt my thoughts take flight and reach another dimension. In the sense of using the fantasy to see a reality less boring, transform history into romance, not to confuse, but to clear the ideas and let life more creative and interest.

These reflective flights are well received by me, especially when we are facing a magnificent piece of white marble that pulsates as if it had been created or conceived at that time.

To use a parallel universe, which reaches another dimension in time, fascinates me. It is amazing the capacity of our brain to generate so many sensations and promote opportunities in the field of creativity that I often find myself immersed in research and information to justify my instant travels made naturally without the need of drugs.

Imagine if I used! “On the machine, a single chip takes all decisions. But neurons are 100 billions”, says the electronic engineer Joao Zuffo, from University of Sao Paulo. “While the chip only knows how to answer yes or not (1 or 0), the brain has millions of possibles ways. Due to this intricate network, we do not always do what is more logical. For the same reason, the machines that has simpler routes to go, can not to be creatives or surprising.”

For this reason, in this intricate network of neurons, whose thoughts are not always directed by logic, especially when I visit an art show, I have such unusual pathways that enrich my daily life.

Kiss by Rodin

When a work impresses me, automatically transport myself to its history and try to capture the feelings of the artist or what he lived to do the reading of what’s there in front of me.

Returning to Kiss by Rodin. My mind was fixed on that couple in love, almost real, in a deep express kiss in a stone block disguised by the image of desire and sensuality, with over 100 years!

Well! I realized that that sculpture – Kiss – dialogued with my emotions in such a current way!

The Artist, the French Auguste Rodin, was undoubtedly great and not less his muse Camille Claudel, let’s quote her to avoid being unjust and recognize that she was the companion of the master, who lived in a ungrateful time to his wife and ended his days locked up in a madhouse, sad and lonely because committed the sin of loving too much.

Camille Claudel

In my opinion, Camille surpassed her master and mistress in the art of sculpture, but in the art of love lost herself in her plots. But one must consider that the poor woman was advanced for her time and had a puritanical and cruel society around constantly judging her as out of standards established for the time. In fact, she did not live to reap the rewards of women’s achievements and of her talent …

Camille arrived in Paris around 1881, according some records, met Rodin in 1885, he with 45 and she with 17 or 19 years, do not know exactly, I got lost on the accuracy of the dates. In the late nineteenth century, the romance was over and she became a bitter and paranoid woman, accusing Rodin of stealing her works. This mystery remained with Rodin without being unraveled, however, we do not need to be very observant to make sure that the sensual and vibrant production of the French master was during the period in which he was involved in the most torrid passion for the student.

If at the time of the production of Kiss, 1882 Camille did not participate in the elaboration of the work or was his inspiring muse, surely, was about to be. The sculpture is the maximum of love and shows how Rodin was directed to the subject of sensuality of the flesh. A stage where his flesh was pounding by new emotions!

So between one thought and another, thinking about the love between Rodin and Camille, my thoughts remained outside the physical space of the exhibition, far beyond the story: I got lost in daydreams about the sensual pleasure of one of the most beautiful caress exchanged between human beings: the kiss.

Kissing is the art of delivering the emotions that involves love, sex and pleasure.

The kiss that I’m referring to in this text, is the act of love between a man and a woman, based on my sensations, from a stimulus that appeared when I was appreciating the sculpture of Rodin. Therefore, it is not a reflection about the meaning of the kiss as a gesture of universal affection among human beings of all ages, gender, race and culture.

When I say that kissing is an act of delivery, refer to the fact that there are different kisses that denounce how subtly or not we are to surrender our hearts to the partner.

It is roughly equal to a strong hug that embraces the slots and the protrusions of our body and connect our heart to the other heart to pass the intense flow of a feeling that nothing has of a simple friendly hug.

The kiss on the mouth which I define as a total surrender, is the one that shakes the whole body, from head to toe, vibrating our endless and most remote nerve fibers at the time that the lips approach each other and are magnetized by the skin, entwining tongues, frenetic, high in the voluptuousness of pleasure that in the same space of emotions, wants to get closer to the heart of the other. This is the big difference between the kiss and the sexual act itself.

Not everyone can kiss that way for fear of leaving the heart at the mercy of another.

A big mistake!

The kiss of surrender, fully, body and heart, is unforgettable. Brings joy to the soul and feeling of extreme happiness for both, considering that the delivery is reciprocal, such an intense exchange, can offer a lifetime of sensations for a few minutes of kissing.
A feeling that is independent of living forever with the partner who kissed but, yes, of having passed through paradise.
Kissing, kissing for real lets always a wet taste, voluptuous, engraved in the depths of a sacred memory, as if it were some supply of cosmic energy, large and bright, which nourishes and always keeps the flame of enjoyment of life on.
It is sweetness!

Wonderful journey through the lines carved in marble, hard, cold, white, transmuted into Kiss, created by Rodin’s emotion.
My tribute to the two lovers!

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