Luxembourg is a modern fairy tale


Luxembourg is a small country in Europe that one can visit in a “blink of the eye”, but is only limited in its territorial extension and number of inhabitants.

It has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world, a true fairy tale for its people.

This Grand Duchy that is sovereign in its history officially speaks three languages: French, German and Luxembourgish.

The interesting detail is that in school subjects are taught in the mother language without the existence of the Luxembourg subject to teach grammatical rules of the language. It is taught orally to adulthood.


The city of Luxembourg is perfect in almost everything but for young people who mostly like cosmopolitan hustle and atmosphere, because it is quiet and offers little nightlife. Bars and restaurants close early, at 11pm, only a few operate until midnight, and coffee untill 6:30pm. No one is interested in moving forward on schedule.

Living in this Grand Duchy, especially families with children, is to aim for quality of life. Its inhabitants are surrounded by parks and green areas, the Luxembourg children receive a government stipend for education around 300 euros until they are 18 years old and pregnant women have several benefits, including aid of 5,000 euros.



Summer is celebrated in Luxembourg mainly by children who enjoy the city’s parks, especially in the Municipal, better known as Pirates’ park, by the huge ship built in a way that gives the children possibility to interact as if inside a ship of that time.


A small stream was built with a lot of creativity so that small childen can enjoy in the water with a tiny rapids and a system that recycles and filters.


Viaden Castle

One of the tourist attractions of Luxembourg is the visit to the Vianden Castle, in a small community close to the city. During the summer there is a program that includes concerts and performances in feudal environment, in order to show what life was like that time.

Luxembourg is a fairy tale of the modern world for its people. The Shangri-la of capitalism in comparison to social problems around the world, even in more developed societies. The country hosts well its foreigners, if proven to live and work in Luxembourg. Among the benefits, exemption from tax ITBI for those who purchase their first property in Luxembourg.

Probably harboring some segments of the European Union and various banking institutions of the world, the country has financial support to offer many benefits to its inhabitants. It is a social paradise surrounded by lush forests, which prints with green the local landscape.

Almost a utopia for the rest of the world!


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