The sensation of finding the soul of a city like Rome

In this ghostly scenario it seems the past takes account the city overnight, lives its routine, while the modern world sleeps. In this poetic form I realized that it was part of the eternal city, which tells a story each block you walk, every work of art displayed in museums and churches, in every corner where is found the image of a “madonna” embedded in the wall, the barrier, to provide protection to passers-by.


This love affair between me and Rome began nearly a decade ago when I met her in 2007, when I went there to learn Italian in a school for foreigners, for a month. It was love at first sight. It made me seek new alternatives to return to the Eternal City. And I came back. Between 2009/2010 I enrolled at La Sapienza Univesità di Roma as a listener student, in the lessons of critical of art. It was a magnificent cultural and intellectual experience.

And the interesting, in my view, was feeling the evolution of sensations as outsider. This recipe serves to all the cities I visit, even saying nothing of the local language. Before I did not travel to very different places alone, I was afraid of everything, and thought I would get lost at the first corner when facing a walking tour. Naive mistake.

The city is like a human being. It has soul, heart and style. You need to realize its simplest characteristics, its corners and hidden streets, watch its details to get feel of it. Then the encounter with the soul of the city happens. Do you need a long time for this?


This meeting happens at the time you do not feel more fear of the unknown or insecurity in a community. And one detail: the encounter with the soul of the city only happens when we are not born in that place. The Romans, for example, make up the soul of Rome and do not realize the subtleties that they feature as a city. It were they who built it in the culture and in its style.


So, in all these years, if I can I always come “kill the miss” of the city that stole my heart. After having spent the wonder phase, have also known their darkest defects – the Roman stress, although it made wonderful friends – I euphorically realize I have  Rome “in the palm of my hand.” Pretentious!

Meet with the soul of the Eternal City is a privilege for a few, I know, do not laugh and do not envy me, but that can become of many, if we have the courage and the purpose of promoting this meeting. For those who still can not promote a meeting with this charming city so far from our Brazil, I will share with you my experience talking about the things I see in it, of course, always with the look of poetry and art.

Piano, piano (slowly, slowly), as the Italians say, you can feel yourself part of it!

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