The fame of Karlovy Vary thermals

The simple reminder that many illustrious characters such as Tsar Peter, the Great, Frederick I, from Prussia, Louis Pasteur, JW Goethe, Beethoven, Wagner, Strauss, were in Karlovy Vary and proved the healing power of its thermal waters, already justifies the ride to this place situated about 100 kilometers west of Prague. The fame of “Hot Waters of Charles” is the meaning of Karlovy Vary, which alludes to the temperature of the Tepla river and the king of Bohemia Charles IV, who founded the city in 1358, circulates in the world especially in Europe.

A little city

The city has a little over 55 000 inhabitants, is quiet and cozy ingrown in a mountain, with a peculiar architecture. The spas and 12 sources scattered throughout the small center are the major attraction of the place. The waters reach an average temperature of 40°C and maximum of 72°C. Are indicated for the digestive system or metabolic disorders, although each source have a different characteristic and is indicated for a specific treatment. Their composition is similar, but differ in the temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide.
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The water has a pronounced flavor that is similar to rust and is a bit salty. In the largest and most famous geyser in the city, called Vridlo, water gushes from a depth of over three thousand meters and reaches a height of almost 15 meters, with a temperature of more than 70°C. Next to the sources there is always a variety of little stores to shopping souvenirs, which includes a cup to drink hot spring water, a kind of mug with a ceramic straw.

There is also a drink made based on herbs known as the “13th healing source.

” The liquor produced in the region since 1807 is called Becherovka and was created by the chemist Josef Becher. Its exact composition is not revealed, but the whole production can be seen in the Jan Becher Museum, which explains the origins of the drink. Between a ride and another by the Main Street may be seen the house where lived and developed researches the French scientist Louis Pasteur, responsible for many discoveries in the field of chemistry and medicine.
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The town is small and easy to know by walking. Among the tourist attractions are the old central market and the colonnades, where formerly were held fairs, concerts and meetings. The most important and grandiose colonnade is Mill Colonnade, built between 1871 and 1881. There, 124 majestic columns provides support and serves the ride for five hot springs.

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