A summer in the capital of the Czech Republic

The sober and closed style of people who lives in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, compensates at the time the tourist starts feeling the soul of the city in the summer. Prague blooms like a flower and celebrates the sun with music everywhere. It is a metropolis, not for industrial potential, but for the diversity of culture and peoples who settled in or are passing through.


The schedule of concerts of classical music and opera is complete for more than two months in imposing churches, baroque in the biggest part, and in theaters – some with architecture and decoration of “Belle Epoque“.

Virtuosity is a constant in the presentations. Are musicians from Symphony Orchestras and singers with the best artistic quality. Talents apart are also found by the streets performing popularly for rushed walkers. Prague is a small Paris, even better, with the warmth of a small town.

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Charles Bridge VI

Pass through Charles Bridge VI, with its 30 baroque sculptures (sacred) is an interesting experience, specially for the simple reason the viewer questions the reason for the works being blackened by the time and some with cobwebs. Carelessness or lack of money for restoration, was not possible to discover. he answer surely is embedded in its historical trajectory.

Prague is located in eastern European and was part of the countries of “iron curtain” (1948-1989) and according to reports of the inhabitants, many buildings and works that resembled the bourgeoisie and the pageantry were abandoned and almost to ruin.


However, this blackened aspect of its architecture and some works that asks for cleaning gives a kaftanian tone to Prague, maybe by purpose. Perhaps, showing the dark landscape of the bridge that gives access to the squares, in one side Mala Strana and in another the Josefov, Jewish square, the tourist will be able to imagine the existential torture of Franz Kafka, Czech writer, when circulated by streets of his hometown in a harsh winter.


Kafka lived tormented by fears and existential crises that were provoked by the neurotic relationship between domineering father and sensitive son and by a life limited within a bureaucratic service, situations that resulted in one of his best known works, “Metamorphosis”, which describes the feeling of turning into a cockroach.

Feel Prague with this look is to transport yourself to Kafta’s world. For those who admires the writer, worths the visit to the Museum which maintains his documents and history.

But the current Prague also offers the visitor the possibility to focus a more cheerful and worldly look. For this is enough to enjoy the diversity of musical events and all the touristic attractions that makes the history of the city.Astronomical Tower (Orloj) a building with a huge clock that was built in 1410. Is the third astronomical clock in the world and the only that still works. More tips about the various can be found on the internet in websites. More photos from Prague in mariweigert.blogspot.com

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