bruno walpoth sculpture

Inner setting…

Life is a highway of many lines, dangerous curves, warning signs, detours, bumpy roads, peaceful ways, and it can also be colorful in a moment and black and white in another. I have emotion in my thoughts and reason in my heart. I am many countries, even many planets. My orbits challenge the laws of physics. Inside me I can be characters of dramas and comedies.

My imperfections clash with my virtues. This is a constant battle. I am an artist in the art of being me. I draw my lines, I make my painting, sketches, try to find a shape, a line that takes me to discover new possibilities to reinvent myself.  There are moments when I want to erase certain things, but a flaw is left. It is not possible to turn invisible what has been already done. It is always there even if it is left in a corner, under a shadow; it reminds me that I should not stop being my essence. My essence is both prison and freedom.

I am full of questions and few answers.

I try to define myself but this is a very complex plot to be translated. I give myself the luxury of liking and disliking me. I need to be sewed when I try to unfold myself in many roles. My diversity is a byproduct of what I am able to create. I move through dream and reality, love, and fears.
(Sculpture by Bruno Walpoth)

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